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The Only Marketing Solution for Your Business.

We help Local Businesses, Personal brands, & Ecommerce Brands scale By Leveraging Paid Ads to your advantage.

4.70 Billion people use social media. Lets help you turn a portion of them into paying customers.

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How we will scale & transform your business. We are a result driven agency. Working with Startups & Existing brands.

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Results we have gotten for our Clients this year

This is one of our clients that owns a gym. He was looking to get more leads looking for sign ups. We obtained 30 paying clients for them spending $30 a month also with an initiation fee at $90 while creating a sales funnel for upsells and downsells.
Brought a new product to life with this client who had hit $80,000 in sales in 12 months. We did over $100,000 in sales in 2 months.

$958 turned into $3,353 with FB ads this was just the second week after on boarding. With a Average 3.5 ROAS in all our campaigns. Post IOS 14

This client has spent around $340K in FB ad spend with a ROAS of 2.5 and a return on ad spend of $1.1 million dollars. This is for a subscription model business and a high ticket product.
We were able to achieve a beauty ecommerce business a 9.62 ROAS in the first 2 weeks of working with them. New creatives and new product page consulted by us.

This is a 90 day period result. We were able to achieve $110,000 in 3 months before OMA they hit 70K in 12 months. We were able to scale all parts of the business in 90 days. FB missed reported an extra $20K in sales this doesnt include our upsells and post purchases were not tracked here. We were able to take our client from a 1.2 ROAS to a 2.5 ROAS in 90 days.

Just spending $6 on our Clothing apparel client we were able to achieve a 66 ROAS which was $283

👆 Story of this client they were boosting instagram post. Which is a no no. So we got them set up with a Facebook Business manager and stepped up the targeting. They had great content and just did not know how to display it in front of the right audience. Long story short we were able to take a local apparel brand to $100,000 in sales in 4 months.

👆 Quick story of this clothing company. We started in the beginning of October as you can see we slowly started scaling up while increasing the AOV with adding post purchase upsells to make packages so much sweeter for the customer

This brand has grown majority on tiktok organic. We took those winning Tiktok videos and ran them with Tiktok ads. In our very first campaign we were able to achieve a 7.22 ROAS. There is only so much you can scale organically so we bring our paid media strategy to those viral Tiktoks and it is the best way to scale

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What OMA provides?

Brand Strategy and Consulting

Don’t let your ideas die, no more scrambling to find the right marketing agency. We have a handpicked team of niche-specific relentless working professionals to make scaling your business a priority.

Social Media Strategy

We’ll increase business awareness on social media with quality content and reaching new audiences that have an interest in your niche. Via Tiktok and Instagram reels to get that organic virality.


Our in house capabilities give us the unique advantage to target customers that are likely to purchase your product or service without paying the high fees associated with target marketing

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Let’s exchange info. We would like to share secrets. Even new marketing strategies